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Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends of Laser Link Golf

Laser Link Golf changed  ownership in July of 2020. Longtime owner and founder Rob O’Loughlin sold to a Madison, Wisconsin-based group to keep the brand in its hometown and the state that has been so loyal to the LLG brand. O’Loughlin will stay on from a product development standpoint and consultant. His expertise, creativity, and energy will be welcomed and utilized at LLG. The “Pistol” style rangefinder was Rob’s creation and is the original in golf rangefinders and has a significant  following and continues to have tremendous loyalty. Our rangefinders are built to last. In addition to our rangefinders, the LLG brand will be adding some new product offerings to the catalog. Along with our LLG accessories, we have  added a small apparel line called Link Wear featuring LaserFuse, a high-tech design process with vibrant, non-fading colors. Low minimums and color changes are welcomed with LaserFuse. Link Wear styles include polos, pullovers, full-zip jackets, performance tees, and hoodies. The Link Wear apparel line promotes “after the round” garments along with the ones you are used to playing in. Whether it is home and away polos for your golf team, an apparel piece for the outing goody bag, or some fresh, new items for the racks in the pro shop, get some Link Wear ordered today.


Link Headwear is another  new product featured in the new LLG catalog. Check out our new, trendy designs featuring LaserFuse and 3D embroidery. Link Headwear also features the Versa visor, which allows the flat brim lover to keep it flat, where the golfer that prefers the curve can form the brim as needed. Great versatility and is another excellent item for the team, event, or shelves that will not disappoint.

Also added to our arsenal, LLG has teamed up as a distributor with some other excellent golf product companies. Our friends at Golfdotz, Voice Caddie, SIC (Simply Ice Cold), The Tee Club, and Biodome have all been tremendous additions to the line and are a pleasure to work with.

Our reorganization will lead to timely product replenishment moving forward, a new eCommerce platform, and a social media presence for increased customer product awareness. LLG is committed to producing the fantastic golf products our customers have been accustomed to for the last 20 years. The future is bright at Laser Link Golf thanks to our loyal customers.


Brock Ryan – CEO
Laser Link Golf

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