The Laser Link rangefinders are all designed to be used in tournament play, so there’s never any worry about having to leave your unit behind on the big day. They’re also unique in the way that they’re pistol shaped.
You read that right, pistol shaped.
This factor alone could be the persuasive nudge to pull out the credit card and add to the cart right now. Can it get any better than that?


I used it and compared to yardages on the cart I was riding it and it was about the same. You can measure distance to a trap or to a tree. You do have to hold your hand steady. I have a watch for distance but it can't do yardages to objects on the course. I have had no problems at all with this and have used it about 20 times so far.

RH2 Rangefinder

As a senior mid to high golf handicapper, I've always been content with a gps device that gives you three options, front, middle and back of the green yardages and content to "green hunt". I have a hand tremor and have always been reluctant to use a hand held gps. After three rounds and using the RH2, I am now a "pin seeker" Love it! The pistol grip and using the cart steering wheel as a stabilizer, the RH2 is quick and easy to use. And there really is something positive, comforting and reassuring about knowing the actual yardage. Lock in the RH2 in and grab the club you need. Granted knowing the yardage is half the battle, you still have to make the shot. The RH2 for me, has SO FAR, helped with that part of the mental side of the game.

RH2 Rangefinder

This is so-o much easier to use than any of the subscription range finders that I have used in the past. Not only does it lock onto the flag, but anything else you aim it at. In one easy click I know the distance to the transition area or a tree or a bush.
I would highly recommend this piece of golf equipment

RH2 Rangefinder

This thing is phenomenal! Amazing optics, IPX rating, slope adjustment, flag finder, super well-built, and accurate! This thing should be everywhere. Purchased at my local golf shop, and everyone there uses the same unit. Can't go wrong...couldn't be more impressed!

GS1 Slope Rangefinder


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