The best flagstick reflector in golf!

Over 17 years ago, Laser Link Golf invented the prism flagstick reflector as a way to make laser rangefinders the fastest, simplest, and most accurate way to measure distance. The prism reflector is superior to all other reflector products in the golf market, and we are proud to offer the best version in the business. For warranty information, click here.

Range Finder
  • Specially treated prisms that help repel water, dirt, and chemicals - All of our prisms are treated with a nanostructured glass treatment to provide not only water, dirt, and chemical repellant, but also abrasion/scratch resistance and UV resistance. Your reflectors will work better, and require less maintenance, than other prism products.
  • Five-prism design for 360-degree coverage
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - The best warranty available. Buy the BEACON with confidence that it will last.
  • Strip-resistant metal threading

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