The GPS Alternative
That Makes Sense

Cart Link - The GPS Alternative That Makes Sense


Are you always looking for new amenities to add to your course? Amenities that will improve your players' experience and help them to play a better game?

CartLink offers you the best way to provide distance measurment technology to your players. It's easy to install, simple to use, and offers your players the most important distance in golf -- the distance to the flagstick.

Give your players what they want:
Fast, easy, accurate, and simple distance to the flagstick
Point-and-click laser technology that is always on target
Faster, more enjoyable rounds
Reliable distance information that gives them the opportunity to play their best

And get what you want:
A unique new amenity
A higher level of customer service
An affordable alternative to costly and inefficient GPS
A product that gives you the chance to ADD TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE