Rangefinders are
not just for professionals

At Laser Link Golf, we know that there are many different types of golfers. On any given day, a scratch player will tee it up with a friend who has never broken 90. Some people play because they love the competition and the way their blood pumps on the eighteenth tee in an all-square match. Others play because they love the camaraderie and enduring friendships that are forged over four hours each Saturday morning. Still others play just to take a walk outside and breathe the fresh air.

With all of these different personalities and playing styles come different needs. And the same way you have different requirements when it comes to golf clubs and golf balls, you have different requirements when it comes to rangefinders. You might be on the analytical side and want more information. Or, you might simply want the distance to the flagstick. Either way, you deserve a rangefinder that gives you the information you want.

That is why we offer the industry's most complete line of laser rangefinders. While many of golf's largest manufacturers and organizations fret over the demands of just the world's top competitors, Laser Link Golf designs products for ALL players. Our mission is to provide every type of golfer with the information they need to play their best round, no matter if it's to win the club championship or to break 100 for the first time.

If you play the game, we have a rangefinder to fit your needs.

LaserLink Rangefinders